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Lifelong Friendships

Making friends at camp is inevitable.

On the first day of camp, everyone has one thing in common: they all want to make a new friend. Every cabin has both new and returning campers. As a result, new campers will have veterans to show them around and make them feel at home, as well as new friends who are experiencing camp for the first time too. Campers go to activities and attend special events with their age division, so they also befriend campers in other cabins.

The bonds that campers form at Champions help develop their social confidence and let them view their life outside of camp with a new perspective. Building an intentional network of great new camp friends from all across the world can be an invaluable source of friendship. Camp friends last a lifetime! Many former campers still keep in touch with their best camp friends to this day. In fact, the bond of a camp friendship is so strong that many campers will eventually find their college roommates or even be part of their camp friends’ weddings!

In short, camp is a friend-making machine that allows children to connect and grow face-to-face (rather than screen to screen).

“Every year, my husband and I notice how much more polite, considerate, helpful, respectful and confident our daughter is when she returns from camp. Our son did not attend camp for 2 years, but decided to go this summer. He is very introverted and has difficulty making friends and engaging in conversation with his peers. When we picked him up, he was so happy, introduced us to two friends he made, and was so talkative on the ride home! He’s never like that! So we felt this was an incredible experience for him. He will be coming back next year!”

Parent, Austin

What’s it like to be a girl at camp champions?

What’s it like to be a boy at camp champions?

“Waking up to LBJ and seeing hundreds of smiling faces for three weeks is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for. The friends and counselors that I have met here are the most genuine and uplifting people I’ve ever met, and I know they will always be a huge part of my life. They know me better than anyone at home ever will, and I’m so grateful for them.”

9th Grade Girl

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