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Camp Builds Strong Kids

Why do we talk about “Building Strong Kids”?

Camp is one of the best possible environments for kids to grow stronger through the experience of trying new activities, making new friends, and overcoming obstacles that many are facing away from home for the first time. In fact, our entire camp program is designed to promote a trait known as “anti-fragility”. If resilience is the ability not to be hurt by adversity, anti-fragility is the ability to become stronger as the result of adversity.

We want camp to be full of friendships, laughter, fun, and activities. But we also know it is a powerful place to build internal strength. Each camper will find things to excel at during camp, and each camper will find things that are challenging for him or her. Our counselors are there to support campers through a challenge, but not to prevent the challenge from happening. In this way, not only do campers grow stronger at camp, but they internalize the pattern of growing stronger through adversity, and even begin to seek out these experiences for themselves.

In February 2020, our very own Steve Baskin was interviewed by Audrey Monke of Sunshine Parenting to discuss the concept of anti-fragility. In the interview, Steve discusses ways parents can raise strong children who aren’t so fragile. We encourage you to listen to the podcast here: Raising Strong Kids Podcast featuring Steve Baskin

The Stanford Graduate School of Education agrees: Camp Builds Strong Kids!
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Camp Skills are Life Skills

In our tech-free, parent-free environment, your child will develop skills that will help them now and in the future.
Skills They Need
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Our Goals for Your Child

We aim to help your child develop the skills that predict for success on the playground and beyond.
Our Goals for Your Child
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