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Serving with the Champions team will be a summer you’ll never forget, but a great team doesn’t just happen—it requires a commitment by all members to work toward a common purpose and live by certain standards.

what you need to know

The policies and standards outlined below cover counselors’ appearance and conduct in multiple areas. Some of them may seem unnecessary or even silly to you, but our experience has taught us that this is the way to best serve our campers and their families. You may not personally agree with every one, but if you spend a summer with us, we will expect you to abide by all of them.

Camp Policies


Now it’s certainly not the best reason to work as a summer camp counselor, but salary IS important. Here’s the counselor pay scale. We aren’t talking about huge amounts of money, but you WILL take home most of what you earn since we also provide your room and board—no reason to spend any money at camp! It’s really not a bad deal!

Year Weekly Pay
1st year $200/week
2nd year $210/week
3rd year $220/week
4th year $230/week
5th year $240/week

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